Friday, March 5, 2010

Financial Aid Packages

One of the most important steps to finding the right school can often be the most confusing part as well. That step is financial aid. Financial aid packages for students started going out the beginning of this week. The financail aid office has done an excellent job of getting the packages out early. The Admssions team has started contacting those students who have been packaged so if you have not heard from us yet... you will!!!!! There are a few ways to make this process run smoothly for both ends:
1. Read- Yes you should read everything on the MC financial aid page not just what rewards and money you recieved. There is a ton of helpful information on that page that might answer some of your quesions before we call.
2. Be prepared- Fill out the Cost Worksheet that is available on that page and save it. We are going to have you fill it out anyways so you might as well have it ready.
3. Talk- Talk about your options with your family. We have several different payment options to make the MC experience very affordable.
-Quinn Bradley'08

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