Thursday, December 17, 2009

Happy Holidays from Maryville College!

Hello and Happy Holidays from Maryville College!

I hope those of you who still have finals to take are doing well and getting as much rest as you can in between your studies. You've almost made it! As for those of you who are already out of school for the winter, I hope you are having lots of fun!

It is a very quiet week here at Maryville College. All of our students have finished their finals and went home last week. So, now we are going through lots of applications and we hope to see yours soon, if you haven't already sent it in! If you are planning to work on your application over the holidays please don't forget to request that your transcripts go out! Because we can't send you the ever-exciting acceptance letter if we don't have your transcript, ACT/SAT scores, and your application! We need all three to effectively evaluate your file! Besides, who doesn't LOVE getting a personalized phone call from your admissions advisor congratulating you on being accepted to Maryville College?!

Anyway, we wish each you a wonderful holiday season with lots of quality time with family and friends! And just in case you were wondering what we like to do in the office when we aren't traveling or evaluating transcripts, wonder no more:
Michelle Wilson '08

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