Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cincinnati, OH!

This is the first year that I have been an admissions advisor and as much as I like traveling I thought this was the perfect job for me! I was right...but I have learned a lot from traveling this month.

1. Always remember which direction you're traveling...if going North--take a jacket.
2. Mapquest is amazing and surprisingly accurate.
3. Get directions both to AND from destinations
4. If the hotel has a workout're in good hands.
5. Subway is my new best lunch friend.

Today I drove up from Maryville, TN to Ohio to visit high schools and attend the Cincinnati Performing Arts Fair. The drive up was about four and a half hours and it was a beautiful drive...minus all the rain. I have never been to Cincinnati to stay so I wasn't sure what to expect. I also didn't take into consideration the fact that I was driving North and it was getting colder and colder...should've taken a jacket.

The fair at the University of Cincinnati was great once I got there! I spent about 45 minutes driving around in circles trying to find the building. Finally, I parked my car and waited for a student to help point me in the right direction. The campus is HUGE...probably about four times as big as Maryville's campus. I wasn't used to getting lost on a college/university campus. Eventually I found the building and I was still early so I set up my things and waited for the students to arrive. When they did, they came with gusto! Students were ready with questions and labels to stick on inquiry sheets. I had several students talk to me and one interested student fill out a card for me to send her some more informaiton.

All in all, Cincinnati, I give you four stars. Now back to rainy Tennessee.

--Emily Emadian '09

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